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Earn up to 24% interest per year on your investment while helping small businesses in communities throughout the country. Star with as little as $1.000 investment and add more over time. You retain the money in your account ready for use, when a funding deal is approved by you send money to a peer finance account which will then be forwarded to the Business Owner’s business account.
Security is the focus. We employ a 3 tier security platform to help ensure that your money is protected and to prevent loss. First, as part of our platform, you will be part of a Crowd Funding group which will limit your exposure. Secondly, to obtain the financing the business owner must utilize our accounting services which provide us the oversight on the business accounts, and where we will be responsive to the first signs of trouble. This allows us to control a situation before it occurs and also allows us to stay in constant contact with the business owner. The benefit for the owner is that not only will they save money, the program includes working on their business viability and personal credit, and focuses on growing their business. Thirdly, we take 2% of each deal and put it into an escrow account to secure against defaults. No other opportunity works harder to secure your money. We understand how hard you work for it and we work hard to make sure you keep it.
Your money is always yours! The only time that your money is tied up is during the funding term, but as payments are made, you are replenished into your account. You stay in control! For every deal, you will receive the file review and how much money we approved the business for, and you can decide to be part of the investment or simply to decide not too. There is no penalty for backing out and you can always increase the amount you want to invest.
Start your own managed retirement fund, rainy day fund, health care fund, or simply make money on your money. Build the amount to invest by adding money every month, again to your account, so if you need it for an emergency it is right there. Take a look at how starting with $5000 and adding $100 a week for 5 years will have a positive result on your financial fitness.

Let’s take a look at how starting with $5000 and adding $100 a week for 5 years will have a positive result on your financial fitness.

Yr 1 – Invest $5,000 + $5000 ($100/week)= $10,000 x 24% interest =$2400 Total $12,400

Yr 2 – (Invest Total from yr 1) $12,400 + $5,000 = $17,400 x 24% = $4176 Total 21,576

yr 3 (invest total from yr 2 + $5,000) $26,576 x 24%= $6378.24 Total $32,954.24

yr 4 (invest total from yr 3 +$5000)  $37,954.24 x 24% = $9109.02 = $47,063,26

yr 5 (invest total from yr 4+$5000) $52,063.26 x 24% = $12,495.18 = $64,558.44

Total Investment = $30,000

Total Earned = $34,558.44

Who is Our Business Funding Client

We want to help as many Small Business owners as we can. We look for small business owners who cannot get funding the traditional way that large businesses have access to. A typical client would be someone who has bad credit, due to using personal credit to help fund their business, due to lack of funding possibilities. This is a business with an owner who knows he or she needs help to make that turn to grow their business.

Many business owners, due to lack of cash flow become employees of their own business. Instead of spending time working on the business, they spend their workday working for the business. With this, the back office support system that must be in tune with the front end of the business collapses. This begins to have many adverse effects on the business, which in turn takes more time for the owner to handle these situations.

We look at these specific clients, analyze their history, bank statements, margins, inventory, payroll, and other financial instruments, and in many cases, we see that these businesses can be on the path to viability with a few tweaks. We discuss this with the business owner and get a feel for what his or her goals are and based upon this information we can decide to move forward.

Once we have approved the deal, we will notify our investor group. They will be provided a review and a snippet on how we can help the business from where it is now.  Once we have the investors needed we will begin the funding process, which includes the contract and final verifications.

Unlike the typical Merchant Cash Advance, we collect monthly. This allows better control over the business cash flow than a daily or even weekly pull.

Helping Small Businesses Grow

We Secure Your Money With Our 3 Step SecureIT Program

1 – We minimize exposure on each funding through our crowdfunding platform.

2- We provide the accounting services for the business, not only saving them money and helping them build the viability and credibility of the business, we are on the frontline to foresee any problems before they occur. This also allows us to stay in touch with the client and build a relationship that proves to reduce defaults.

3- On every funding, we put a portion on the funded amount and place it in an escrow account. With each deal, this fund grows and allows us to work to make investors whole in case there is a default.

Focused on Investment Security while Helping Small Business Thrive.

How It Works For The Investor

Small business is the heartbeat of America. The real core of small business is the shops on Main Street in your town, in the strip malls, and the others that dot every community in the United States. They are the businesses where maybe you worked at as a kid, or maybe your kid works today. They employ local residents and their total workforce is 15 or under. 

Although these businesses are the staple of every community, they find it difficult to obtain the funding they need to grow. The fact is that big banks do not understand small business, and the funding amounts are not large enough for them to get excited about.

Your investment allows you to help these small businesses in your community and in every community. Our goal is to help them grow their business, hire more people, and even open up new locations. But, we also do something even more. These businesses’ only opportunity for funding is at a 40-50% rate, yet we take these businesses and provide them the funding they need at a rate that is up to 30% of that. This makes it more affordable for the business.

As an investor, you control your money, how much you want to invest in a deal, and the money is always replenished into your account. We never ask you to deposit all your money into our account as so many other companies do. You are never penalized if you need to withdraw your money, or if you decide not to invest in a deal. We want you to be in control.

For every deal we are looking to fund, you will receive a synopsis to review. It will provide all the information you need to understand the deal and make a decision. 

You Control and We Secure Your Money



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