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Presently the States and Federal Government are working to initiate programs to protect small business owners. SBA is being funded trillions of dollars while States are initiating their own programs to help their native small business owners make it through the crisis. We as part of the business lending and consulting family are working hard during these trying times to stay on top of what becomes available not only for our clients, but for all small businesses. Although many of these programs may be geared at small businesses with 50 or more employees, we are more concerned with the small business with less than 10 employees. These are the small businesses that serve our communities throughout the country and really make a difference in our everyday lives.

Please fill out the form below to get started, and one of our reps will get in touch with you to get you started. Many of these programs will be grants or forgivable loans after you meet certain requirements. Every state may differ. We will work hard to save your business because we know the differences you make to the community you work and live in. 

one of our representatives will contact you to get detailed information, review the process, and get you funded.

 Credit is not an issue during these times of hardship. 
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    Working Together to Save America’s Small Businesses

    Filling out the Quick Form is the start to getting the funding you need to save everything that you worked so hard to accomplish. By uniting small business owners all over the country we can make a difference and you can come back stronger and better than before.

    once you fill out the form a professional representative will contact you, to find out more information. Programs vary based on state, business situation and other economic factors. Although the states and federal government programs are geared towards companies with 50 or more employees, we are focused on the small business owners who may be sole proprietors or who have less than 10 employees. This is the foundations of the small business community. 

    in order to get prepared, please gather the last 4 months business bank statements along with a current month to date. Also having a current year to date P&L and the last 2 years tax returns.  You may also be asked to submit personal financials especially for SBA or any government grant programs as they become available. Prepare a letter describing your business amount of employees and the hardship that you have experienced. 

     Credit is not an issue during these times of hardship.