Mike M - Glass Carving Artisian

I speacialize in custom glass art through sandcarving. Sandcarving is the art of sandblasting images on to glass, and utilizing various depths to get a 3d effect. I use this effect on various pieces such as candle vessels, custom glass signs, and lighted glass art.
I Like making special things that bring joy to the person I do it for. I consistently look for new ways to enhance my work to make it different from anyone elses. 
Even with my candles, I believe they are spiritual and can awaken all the senses, so why have that experience blocked by a stick on label, used to advertise the manufacturer. I have spent alot of time to get the candle science down for the perfect amount of fragrance and natural bases, then i sandcarve the vessel with a custom image or saying to enhance that experience even more.
With every custom made glass art piece, you can be assured that you will have an original, and will even include a COA.  My glass signs can be retro, memorial style (death, celebration, anniversary,etc.) or award style.